She has been married to Sons of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter, since 2004.

Investigators: Prof Colin Haselgrove (Leicester); Prof Chris Gosden (Oxford); Prof Gordon Cook (SUERC) Research Associates: Dr Derek Hamilton (Leicester-SUERC); Dr.

Our ability to choose between or improve on the competing social models remains constrained by the lack of a comprehensive 14C chronology for the Danebury sites.

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As well as clarifying the relationship between the hillfort and other sites in its environs, the results will provide a basis for reassessing the chronology of the southern British Iron Age and for rethinking social and cultural links between this region and the rest of Britain, as well as across the Channel.

Another aim is to explore the use of Bayesian approaches for building better chronologies for the earlier Iron Age, hitherto plagued by the 800–400 BC plateau.

The current project is seen as a step on the way to putting Iron Age chronologies on a firmer footing.

Hillforts are the most iconic monuments surviving from Iron Age Britain, dominating academic and public perceptions of the period.

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