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I witnessed the abuse of prescription pills that helped alleviate symptoms but didn’t provide the cure that living a healthy lifestyle would’ve done.I experienced a hateful relationship with food that triggered several years struggling with Bulimia.Besides feeling emotionally lost the entire evening, a part of me felt resentful, because whether realized or not, I felt these unfortunate circumstances could’ve been prevented if she lived a healthier lifestyle.Any personal challenge, especially in dealing with health – takes its toll on the entire unit, not just the person itself.While I speak strongly about making one’s health a priority, the very last thing I intended to express was any level of shame.No one should be ashamed of who they are, at the same time, in order to desire something greater, you have to –at some level – be uncomfortable with where you are at.November 25, 2013 There are not many things I’m sorry about in life, but recently I’ve been feeling a deep sense of sadness within me.After being blocked on Facebook and reading the Yahoo article explaining the ban, I feel completely misunderstood.

Yes, I am sad that I am out of the house but I am also happy to receive so much of love from so many people. I just feel too lucky at the moment.” Priyank got involved in a fight between Akash and Vikas, where the former was making fun of Vikas’ effeminate behavior.I feel I am the luckiest man in the world to receive so much of love.Cady Heron is a main character and the protagonist in Mean Girls.I sensed people creating environments filled with comfortable people and comfortable personal expectations that encouraged their poor habits. I felt it when I tearfully prayed my rosary while driving to the hospital because my mom just had a heart attack following her kidney surgery.I felt it when I saw people lose their legs and eyesight because of Diabetes.

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