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After putting the clay in the bag, if you don't have a pen with you, leave the bag on the spot where you collected it and come back with the pen.In this way, you won't wind up back at the car with a bunch of bags and not know which spots they came from. Label the bag with the name of the site, the date, a description of the exact spot and a number you assign to the spot.The larger strainer has larger holes that keep the items too big to be microfossils and let all microfossil candidates fall through. It keeps the larger microfossils and lets the fine dust through, which contains the Conodonts and smaller varieties of Ostracods.I shop the stores to locate the finest mesh and upgrade when I find one better than what I am using.

We are granted rights to surface collect in many roadside areas (not interstates or major state highways) but signs of digging have caused us to loose the right to surface collect on several occasions.

Be sure to label your microfossil bags and vials well with location and date info.

If you did a good job, you kept the "spot number" you assigned and were able to put the spot number on the vial and kept a description of where the spot is located. Bill Heimbrock For more information on the microfossils of the Arnheim formation, visit the following Dry Dredgers pages.

When I retired I cleaned out my classroom and found a collection of 25 glass vials from Ward Scientific containing sand samples with microfossils. I immediately thought they would make a perfect addition to the sand website.

The only problem was there were no labels for the samples, only identification numbers.

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