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He asks her where she was, and she replies that she was "next door to the library", at a pub.

Later, at the house, they have a party for Howard's birthday.

At first, Jodie is angry, but she decides to try and work past it.

While trying to fix their problems, Josie accidentally reveals that JP was better in bed than Kingsley, and that she often fakes orgasms with him but didn't with JP. In another episode, Kingsley has a growing frienship with Sam, JP's ex-lover and romantic interest.

They wake Oregon up and asks her if she thinks the same thing (and whilst doing so, awakens everyone else except from Josie and Kingsley). The next morning, everyone goes out for breakfast with Kingsley and Josie sitting at a seperate table from everyone else.

Kingsley then asks Josie if she wants him to make a committment to her, and she declines.

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