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Or maybe you just want some help making conversation.

I once used to do my share of online sleuthing, to be sure, but in almost every case the research was my response to a gap of some kind.

I believe it is important for everyone to educate themselves on marriage, specifically God’s intentions for marriage, whether they get married or not.

Keller dives into this chapter by sharing a little historical background on the family unit.

The Bible describes marriage as a man and a woman being brought to a whole life, enduring union through a permanent exclusive covenant,” he explained.“If you establish ‘what’s your mission,’ that can rejuvenate any marriage.”Contrary to a popular belief that marriage restricts a person’s freedom, the Kellers said they believe marriage allows one to become what God really wants him or her to become and therefore is unrestricted by self-will.“A lot of people are afraid that a vow limits your freedom. You are really more free by making a vow and sticking with it than in a sense being the victim of your own desires, and impulses, and feelings,” Keller stated.“The marriage vow makes it possible for you to be intimate because you can be yourself.“We’re here to tell you what the Christian view of marriage is as seen in the Bible.”As Keller stresses in his new book, many view marriage through distorted lenses but “unless you’re able to look at marriage through the lens of Scripture instead of through your own fears or romanticism, through your particular experience, or through your culture’s narrow perspectives, you won’t be able to make intelligent decisions about your own marital future.”Let’s Strengthen Marriage officials say that they seek to build cooperation with churches, businesses, education, the media, government and with parents.The group states that social science has shown that it is clear that “children are best served when they grow up with both a mother and father.

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