Updating deers

If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, you will forfeit your time slot and be placed on the walk-in customer status.

The wait times will vary depending on the number of customers waiting before you, and also on the type of service and processing times for each customer. Maximum Capacity/System Outages Please keep in mind that this office can adjust the sign in times for walk-in customers due to reaching maximum capacity, which is when there is a high volume of customers waiting to be seen and the expected processing times.

There is a verification and application approval process that needs to be completed through the TA before the personnel record is added/updated.

The appearance of my old name on my DD 214 is an injustice because it discloses my transgender status every time I show my DD 214.

This is an injustice due to the social stigma and discrimination that transgender people face.

Walk-in sign ups can be modified to end sooner if maximum capacity is reached in the waiting area.

weekdays This office handles all DEERS updates, and issues Common Access Cards (CACs) and dependent and retiree ID cards.

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