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Like Weinstein, reports of Toback's alleged behavior toward women have been around for decades.

But in the past few weeks, amid the Weinstein scandal and the rise of the #Me Too social media movement, in which women are revealing instances of sexual harassment and assault, more reports have emerged about the conduct of many working in the entertainment industry.

These accusers have also been reaching out to authorities, with the Los Angeles Police Department fielding complaints ahead of a possible investigation and the Manhattan District Attorney's office encouraging women to contact the sex crimes hotline number.

Moore revealed on Twitter that she ran into Toback early in her career while walking home in New York City, claiming he tried to pick her up twice. All I wanted was 0 on a side gig.'Morales also said that Toback seemed to have a definite type in mind while roaming the park.

The model was fresh-faced for the flight, adding just a touch of gloss to her lips while letting her natural beauty shine through.

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Exact same playbook by James Toback when I encountered him near Central Park.'Moore also revealed that she was a victim of Toback's on social media, after the actress spent the weekend discussing the Harvey Weinstein scandal while promoting her new film, 'Suburbicon' alongside Matt Damon and George Clooney. #James Toback approached me in the 80's on Columbus Ave with the same language - wanted me to audition, come to his apt,' wrote Moore.'2. One month later he did it again with the EXACT same language. 'Morales told a much more in depth version of her encounter on 'Access Hollywood' after airing a clip from her sit-down interview with Matt Damon and Julianne Moore about disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.'I can personally speak from my own experience, I was in New York City about 25, 26 years old at the time, and I encountered him,' Morales said of running into Toback.'He came up to me. His meetings would often end with sexual questions and Toback masturbating in front of them or simulating sexual intercourse with them, according to the accounts.She and Aziz Ansari wrote the episode together in a hotel room in London, filtering her own coming-out experience through Denise, her character on the show.The episode is quietly epic, in large part due to the direction by Melina Matsoukas, who paid attention to the details from the cross on the wall to the plastic covers of the couch.I was coming home from work in Central Park.'That tale lines up with the accounts given by many in the initial Times story, who said they too were approached by Toback in Central Park. The 72-year-old denied the allegations, saying he never met any of the women, or if he had it 'was for five minutes and (I) have no recollection.'Thirty-one of the women spoke on the record including Louise Post, who is a guitarist and vocalist for the band Veruca Salt, and As the World Turns actress Terri Conn.'Out of nowhere: "Hey, I'm a filmmaker, has anybody told you you have that look,"' said Morales, who was working at Court TV at the time.'I'm like, "yeah, bud." He then proceeds to pull out a manila envelope and he says: "Seriously, I'm a filmmaker."Morales then added: 'He had "Variety" or "Hollywood Reporter," and he had a screenplay about Bugsy.'She said that at that point she started to listen to what he was saying as he had at least proven himself to be in the film industry. I left, she said of how they encounter came to an end.'Let's just say, after that, I was very grateful. But think of all the women who were seduced and many who have come forward and say they were seduced by that.'Morales then shared a very powerful message to other women who have encountered a man like Toback. Actress Echo Danon recalled an incident on the set of his film Black and White where Toback put his hands on her and said that he would ejaculate if she looked at his eyes and pinched his nipples.'Everyone wants to work, so they put up with it,' said Danon. Because I was hoping to get another job.' Speaking up: 'I want to say all to the women, don't blame themselves. You didn't ask or want any of this,' said Morales (above with her husband and twp sons)Toback has had a successful four-decade career in Hollywood and has a devoted following who have praised him for his originality and outsized, deeply flawed characters.

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