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Meanwhile, some are currently in a relationship with or have married sports personalities and politicians such as Sam Pinto, Bianca Gonzales, Valerie Weigman, and Nina Jose.However, there are a few pairs who found their ‘forever’ inside the house, like Carlo Romero and Wendy Tabusalla from PBB Unlimited and Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco from PBB Double Up.He graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2005 and passed the board exam on his second take (May 2006).Slater was declared the season champion - the regular edition's first male Big Winner - on Day 155.Josh Axe, Time Out New York, Female Pride, Gods411, INSIDER travel, Jake Boys, Wink, Vibbin, Sarcasm, Queenzflip, Mind Freaking Blown, GQ, nanobébé, P.volve, My Magic Mud, The Humour Feed, Kayla Itsines, The Pretty, Technology Room, INSIDER inventions, Kcstauffer, Trent Shelton, Desserts With Benefits, Spice Chelsea Corner, Goya Foods, Billboard, RSVP, Diply, New Nourish, Joe Gunn, Brother HQ, The Buzz Digger, Stirred Up, Reggaeton Meme, Kimchi Mama, The Mom Life, Cheddar, Higher Perspective, Brut, I love Makeup and Fashion, Love What Matters, LATIN BEET Kitchen, Beyond Limits: Parents, Mc Lovin, Daily Mail, Back To The Past, Barbara's Bakery, Top Knot, Girl Life, Alaska Airlines, Planet Food, Trending World, Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, Bad Parenting Moments, American Column, SOML, Todrick Hall, Cute World, Cocina, Kenneth Rage, Lmao Mommy, Ben & Jerry's, Tastemade, La Gran Epoca, China Plus America, Jason Momoa, The Independent, Life Goes On, Kitchen Gidget, Facebook, 7th Cadence, Before starting any chapter, I count the number of pages !

He visits the Philippines frequently as his mother is from Davao.

She is a self-proclaimed promdi (Tagalog slang for people from the countryside) and loves to impersonate artists, especially her idol Vice Ganda. A law student, Paco had fallen on hard times after his father was hospitalized, his business went bankrupt and his long-time girlfriend left him. He was evicted on Day 106, but was later reassigned as a House Player.

On Day 141, he was voted as a wildcard housemate and crowned the fourth Big Placer on Day 155.

Anna Christine "Tin" Patrimonio (born December 29, 1991) is a 19-year-old from Quezon City.

One of Philippine Basketball Association player Alvin Patrimonio's two daughters, she is an athlete herself, playing tennis, and has been home-schooled to focus on her tennis career. Roy Marcelo Gamboa (born January 15, 1982) is a 29-year-old from Pangasinan. Kevin Andrew Fowler (born September 23, 1993) is an 18-year-old American-Filipino from California, United States.

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