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Faculties are regular when they proceed from superiors of the regular clergy by reason of their ordinary jurisdiction, or by virtue of extraordinary powers or privileges conceded to them by the Holy See.

Lastly, faculties are general or particular: general, when granted for indeterminate persons, though they may be limited by time ; particular, when granted to designated persons or for particular cases.

five years ( facultates quinquennales ), or for a definite number of cases, and are ordinary and extraordinary; the former being issued in forms or grants under Roman numerals (Formula I, II, III . Favours and privileges are granted likewise by the congregations in keeping with the Constitution "Sapienti Consilio" (1908), and are classified consequently in accordance with the Congregation from which they proceed.

Faculties are styled Apostolic or papal when they proceed from the pope directly, or through the ordinary channels of the Sacred Roman Congregations .

They are episcopal, if the power or privilege conferred proceeds from a diocesan bishop, by virtue of his own power or ordinary jurisdiction, as for instance, the faculties of the diocese, to hear confessions, say Mass, preach, etc., granted to priests who labour in the diocese for the salvation of souls.

The authority of the Propaganda is not so ample in this matter as formerly, and this too in relation to countries still subject to it.

Questions pertaining to the Pauline Privilege fall in every case under the sole competency of the Holy Office, while in matrimonial dispensations, for the portions of the Western Church under its jurisdiction, the Propaganda is obliged to confer with the Congregation of the Sacraments (Cong. Especially through the Sacred Pœnitentiaria does the pope communicate faculties for the internal forum to bishops and others, including certain confessors, in definite forms or leaflets ( pagellœ ).

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