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Trevor Plante, the acting chief of reference at the National Archives, where the pardon is stored, said his suspicions had been aroused after he began frequently showing the document to visitors during tours."The more I used it, the date started to look a little hanky," he said.On April 14, 1865, having steered the US through the horrors of civil war, he issued a pardon for Patrick Murphy, a mentally disabled private in the union army who had been sentenced to death for desertion.But while Lincoln's standing is not in doubt – amid today's fierce partisan divisions, his unifying heroics are more venerated than ever – this neat portrayal of his final hours has been exposed as a sham."The ink on the '5' was a little darker than the rest of the date, and it looked like there was almost a ghost image underneath it." Mr Lowry was interviewed by investigators.He admitted that he had sneaked a fountain pen into a reading room and "altered the date of the Murphy pardon in order to change its historical significance", a spokesman said.According to Kat reposted the picture and wrote "thanks babe x".In another post, she quoted writer Beau Taplin's words: "There are worlds in you, and I have fallen in love with every one." Oooh, the arrows point towards romance, FIXers.

In addition to syndication, Art is heard in the Inland Empire on KDAY. Michael was appointed pd at KOST and HOT 92.3 in late summer of 2013. In early 2017, Michael was jettisoned from KOST to an unnamed i Heart position.

Art owns the very successful album series and a number of radio stations in Tucson and Fresno.

Art worked evenings at HOT 92.3 and received the 2010 LARadio Lifetime Achievement Award.

The matter was referred to the Department of Justice for potential prosecution.

But the statute of limitations on Mr Lowry's alleged crime has passed, meaning he can not be prosecuted.

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