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My educated guess would be that something got unnecessarily deleted from/altered in the registry.Something to do with Net Bt, although I already tried restoring the appropriate registry keys and got nothing.This article also describes the most common problems with IAS authentication and authorization, certificate properties, and the process of certificate validation for both wireless client and IAS server certificates.Your i Pad, i Phone or i Pod Touch is like any other device that is being connected to your wireless network.This all started a few months back when I had an original problem, took it into some (SEEMINGLY) reputable guys who basically turned out to be horrible shysters.

Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start. Please create a restore point prior to doing this,standard for any registry adjustments, copying below the line.I also tried the pinging thing and got four nice healthy pings, so apparently the card is physically fine...?Anyway, as you have probably by now surmised, I have been googling this thing for a very long time now and fruitlessly attempting the various fixes found on various geek sites.I need somebody who actually speaks Inner-Guts-Of-Computer to help me run the appropriate diagnostics and pinpoint exactly what procedures need to be done, instead of their second cousins twice-removed.I am running Windows XP Professional on a Dell Latitude D630.

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