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Belgium still had ties to the Congo and their resources, which in its way tied to Britain as explained by James, if the Congo ended up in political turmoil it was possible that those resources would be lost to Belgium, and in its turn Britain as well. “” History: 50 Years since “strike of the Century” in Belgium. Primary Sources: The first primary source was written by an unknown author on August 28, 1884. Secondary Source: In the book “Britain and the Congo Crisis, 1960-63” the author, Alan James writes about the relationship between Britain and the Congo during 1960 through 1963.James also writes about the relationship between Belgium and the Congo, and what life was like before the Congo gained independence and broke off from Belgium.It talks about the International African Association’s opinion of the Congo a long time before any of the issues brought upon it by the Belgians and surrounding countries. The IAA is fearful of a relapse of the Congo back to its “primitive savagery, nor the wonderful organization which has been created upon that noble river fall into the hands of a nation that would either monopolize its benefits or give its further development a deplorable bias,” (The Congo). In 1908 the Congo fell into the hands of King Leopold II.

After about 60 years of mistreatment the people of the Congo grew tired of it and moved towards gaining their independence.These recurring issues have gone unnoticed by so many, when they have had such a huge impact on the Congo and those countries around them since the problems started.Though the Congo gained its independence from Belgium in 1960 it did not solve any of their problems, and instead heightened them mainly with the political unrest that ensued.My next primary source, written by Brussels and published on June 18 1960, was intended for the people of London who read the Times and are interested in foreign affairs. The main argument of this newspaper article is to stress the fact that the Congo is having difficulties politically, and to talk about Lumumba and how he is affecting the Congo’s outcome.

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